HR Rescue & Reality Package

During these unconventional times Employers are looking for unconventional methods to either retain employees or cut overheads. 


Let me be very clear.  


  • You cannot reduce an employees salary without consultation and written agreement
  • You cannot cut their working hours , unless the employer is eligible for Job-keeper and even then consultation and notice requirements are required


Currently there are not only rumors going around, but evidence that employers are not abiding by the guidelines despite the fact conventional employment laws still apply.  For those business owners who have taken action without the proper advice or are considering doing this I urge them to think long and hard about these actions. Fairwork can impose fines of upto $63,000 upon a company and $12,600 upon an individual.


There are steps that you can take to achieve the workforce reduction outcomes but it is only possible with the proper consultation and discussion.  There is a defined process that must be followed and when we come out of this pandemic I have no doubt Fair Work will come down hard on employers who have acted unlawfully.


To assist business’ navigate through COVID19 challenges and beyond, PK People Solutions will ensure the right HR help is provided - at the right time.


The HR Rescue and Reality package offer is up to 5 hours remote HR Consulting work for $650 (valued at $950) valid until 30 June 2020. This package includes:


️ On line meeting with the business owners to establish current strategies to reduce employee costs and advising on a number of actions that can be lawfully taken

️ Conversation around how best to maintain your work force, if possible, to allow for the best possible outcome at the end of this

️ Consultation with employees around the current issues as well as next steps

️ Documented process to ensure that employees have been treated fairly so as not to attract any bad attention as well maintain a good relationship at the end of this downturn


Payment needs to be made upfront and in full to take advantage of this one time offer.