18. March 2024
A Proactive Approach to Psychosocial Risk
Welcome to A Proactive Approach to Psychosocial Risk by PK People Solutions! Join Paul Cripps for an engaging and educational online event where we will explore strategies to address psychosocial risks in the workplace.
27. September 2023
Fusion Culture Report
05. April 2023
Fixing Culture - What is the silver bullet
I often get asked what is the Silver Bullet is for creating or fixing workplace Culture. I have good and bad news for you.
02. April 2023
You can't measure Culture? Say's who!
At last guess work is no longer needed on what creates a good workplace.
04. February 2023
Hidden Employment changes - Are you covered?
This blog covers a summary of the Industrial Relations changes .
12. October 2021
Act Now to Get Ahead of The Great Resignation Race
Like it or not The Great Resignation Race is here, so now is the time to Look Forward and proactively look after your best people.
19. August 2021
Harnessing Employee Culture
Intuitively, we know that culture drives performance. We can all identify businesses that have a 'good' culture and those that have a 'bad' culture - and this assessment is often based on single points of interaction with people from a business. i.e the behaviour of anyone/everyone in a business whom we deal with helps us to assess the culture of that business. But how accurate is this? The Fusion Culture Program has been developed by HR Coach Australasia to help Australasian businesses measure...
08. August 2021
Surviving and Growing in an Uncertain Environment
Smart businesses know that their people make or break success. Now more than ever! Employees are always the lifeblood behind your brand your operations and ultimately your success however so many businesses fail to support guide and nurture these individuals to give them the opportunity to do their best work.
26. October 2020
We’ve seen unprecedented change lately- fires, drought, COVID, restructures, redeployment and redundancies- and with change comes uncertainty, stress and frustrations that can impact our attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.
20. October 2020
Many HR professionals and business advisors maintain that high levels of employee satisfaction are core to business success and performance. They live and breathe the mantra "happy employees drive business success" and encourage and direct managers and owners to "to make employees happier... and your business will succeed". The white paper around employee satisfaction is ideal if You are a business owner keen to maximise you business performance and profitability You are responsible for the...

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