26. October 2020
We’ve seen unprecedented change lately- fires, drought, COVID, restructures, redeployment and redundancies- and with change comes uncertainty, stress and frustrations that can impact our attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.
20. October 2020
Many HR professionals and business advisors maintain that high levels of employee satisfaction are core to business success and performance. They live and breathe the mantra "happy employees drive business success" and encourage and direct managers and owners to "to make employees happier... and your business will succeed". The white paper around employee satisfaction is ideal if You are a business owner keen to maximise you business performance and profitability You are responsible for the...
22. September 2020
There are a variety of reasons for considering extensive, ongoing homeworking but whether future homeworking is a by-product of the pandemic, or the culmination of a long-considered plan, there is three key thing businesses will need to take into consideration before taking the plunge
02. September 2020
COVID-19 didn’t create a work from home challenges it accelerated the inevitable. Some people adapt well, others really struggle and me people just need help to adapt. At PK People Solutions with have heard a broad range of issues.
17. August 2020
Australia's SME market (and every market!) has experienced a quarter that no one else has experienced before. Coming off the back of two quarters dominated by the bushfires, the 4th quarter of the 2020 Financial Year saw nationwide lockdowns to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The uncertainty of the timeline meant that many businesses looked to drastically reduce their overheads to simply stay afloat..
17. June 2020
As you emerge from recent challenges you don’t want to loose your top employees.
03. June 2020
You understand the challenges and you just need affordable and timely help to get you on the right track.
26. May 2020
Now we can see light at the end of the tunnel, now is the time for action to deal with the challenges ahead. Why does this need your attention? Research released last week, by the HR Coach Australasia Research institute indicates three major people challenges.
05. May 2020
This is one curve you will not what to flatten! Australian research shows Employee and Management Culture is key to a high performing business. Particularly now, now we can see light at the end of the tunnel a good culture What gets measured, gets measured get done, so when did you last measure how the culture in your culture measures up?
14. April 2020
During these unconventional times Employers are looking for unconventional methods to either retain employees or cut overheads.