Harnessing Employee Culture

Intuitively, we know that culture drives performance. We can all identify businesses that have a 'good' culture and those that have a

'bad' culture - and this assessment is often based on single points of interaction with people from a business. i.e the behaviour of anyone/everyone in a business whom we deal with helps us to assess the culture of that business. But how accurate is this?


The Fusion Culture Program has been developed by HR Coach Australasia to help Australasian businesses measure their employee and management culture levels using clear and identifiable metrics. PK People Solutions is licences by HR Coach Australia to deliver Fusion Culture. Measuring culture is never easy, especially in this hybrid work environment we currently exist in. Fusion Culture Program takes the guessing out of it.


What do our Clients say about Fusion:




"At first we thought that they survey would be just another HR questionnaire, but we quickly realised how powerful it was after Paul gave us his debrief and insights into our business, our team and our culture.


Within minutes, he located our weaknesses and pinpointed our actions required for the next month, quarter and year.


We did not expect it to be as revealing as it was.  This process has lit a fire in our firm and our team are more aligned than before."