Surviving and Growing in an Uncertain Environment

Smart businesses know that their people make or break success.  Now more than ever!


Employees are always the lifeblood behind your brand your operations and ultimately your success however so many businesses fail to support guide and nurture these individuals to give them the opportunity to do their best work.


COVID-19 has disrupted how businesses, people and entire countries have gone about their day at a level never seen before. But is disruption the right word? Disruption creates an image of things eventually going back to how they were… but evidence is showing that rather than causing a disruption, COVID-19 has been the greatest accelerator in recent memory.  Even in what can be dark times, it’s important to remember that such opportunity will be around the corner again soon.


In 2020, businesses within Australia and New Zealand had to adapt rapidly to changing requirements – even on a daily basis. While a portion of these changes have been underpinned or supported by government funding or best practices, many businesses have had to take it upon themselves to resolve these external issues – and the high performing businesses have tuned these external threats into ongoing successes.


Restaurants adapted by providing efficient take away options, delivery or ‘make our favourite meals at home’ – all solutions to increased government regulations. Those businesses that moved quickly and invested into these secondary revenue items have found an improvement in market share and, when inhouse dining returned – rapidly improving bottom line results. Now they can continue with their existing business as well as the added revenue of takeaway, delivery or food box services. It isn’t just the hospitality industry that has taken advantage of the shifting dynamics either. Across the board, adaptive businesses have at least maintained strategic alignment levels as their pre-pandemic counterparts – albeit going about it a different way.


Reviewing data from the leading Australasian SME business analysis tool, the STAR Workplace Program, Employer Satisfaction (67%), Employee Satisfaction (73%), Company Performance (74%) and Overall Strategic Alignment (72%) have changed by less than 1% when compared to pre-pandemic results. High Performing businesses have used the changing market to adapt their own business model while maintaining the same level of strategic alignment.


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